Redesigning a Master Restroom does not have to cost an arm and leg! In fact, our smart consumer in Irvine CA wished to transform their master bathroom on a spending plan. How do you ask? By going to Home Depot’s Clearance aisles every opportunity they got! And excellent old’ Costco for the floor covering with a coupon. It took them a few months of weekly visits to the clearance aisles, however, we believe it was well worth the wait !!

Thinset, Grout – Full Cost, Sadly – They hardly ever go on sale!

Master bathroom remodeling Irvine

Master Bathroom French Door Barndoor Laminate Floor.
We wish would keep in mind to take “previously” pictures, but picture this small master restroom with plain white walls and a plain flooring tile. We began with wall painting and cabinet painting because we were getting rid of the floor tile anyway. Next, we installed the stylish gray train tile in the shower and included the slate ornamental accent tile for an additional pop! Since the consumer had additional tile (always a good relocation as some tiles come cracked or need to be cut), we went on and installed the gray subway tile as a backsplash above the vanity granite countertops.

Master Restroom Train Tile Installation Accent Tile Installation.
Next, the plain mirror needed help! We cut the barn wood lumber to frame out the mirror. With the extra Barnwood, we installed a chair rail by the toilet. Installing the wonderfully rich, hot oak laminate floor covering was next. This truly made the bathroom pop! The baseboards were previously plain pieces of lumber. We gave them a good edge, painted them white, and reinstalled.

Master Restroom Laminate Floor Barnwood Mirror Backsplash tile setup.
The Barndoor was the last to deal with the bathroom remodel. Eliminating the old door that took up a lot of area in the small master bathroom, it instantly opened the restroom. We installed the brand-new barn door to make certain our client enjoyed it prior to staining it. This would permit them to return the door if they were not pleased with the barn door. But who would not more than happy with this appeal?? We easily eliminated the door, stained it, and re-installed. The barndoor is truly the centerpiece.

Master Bathroom Barndoor and Towel Holder.
Lastly, our client needed more light in their loft master bedroom, so we stained and installed a French Door. And wow! The French Door pulled the entire room together.

With the snow melting and spring at our doorsteps, now is a good time to begin all the DIY tasks that have been building up.