Oak is the most popular choice for hardwood floors in North America. First off, it comes in red or white varieties, and within each species; there is a range of hues. The color of the white oak runs from creamy white to a light brown all the way up to a medium brown. Red oak tends to be reddish-brown in color. Both are known for their utility across all kinds of applications. Red and white oak flooring boards rank among the top hardwood species used for furniture and flooring.

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White oak flooring is harder than red oak, and it has a more uniform appearance. Since it is impermeable to moisture, it has been used for ship timber and barrels. It is a heavy hardwood, which has a medium bending strength and low stiffness. It is mostly straight-grained with a medium to the coarse texture that is distinguished by rays. These distinctive rays reflect light and add to its attractiveness and what make white oak so prized for construction of Mission style furniture and woodwork. Through different sawing or slicing angles, many grain patterns can be acquired. Since white oak flooring is heavy, stiff, very strong, and very hard, it provides great wear-resistance. Because of its durability, white oaks are popularly used for boat building, parquet, and other types of flooring, pews and pulpits, joinery, and heavy construction. White oak holds nails and screws easily, yet galvanized nails are recommended because it reacts with iron.

White oak floor covering board ranges from nearly white sapwood to darker gray-brown heartwood. Its adhesive properties are variable, but it stains to a good finish.

Red oak hardwood, when used as flooring, is largely cut into lumber, railroad ties, mine timbers, fencepost, veneer, pulpwood, and fuelwood. Red oak flooring has an open grain that makes it more porous than white. Red oak flooring is also hard and heavy, possessing a medium bending strength and stiffness, with high shock resistance. Red oak for hardwood floors is durable underexposure. It is a dense wood that resists wearing very well just like white oaks. Mostly straight-grained, with a coarse texture, red oak for hardwood floors finishes and stains easily. They hold nails and screws easily. Red oaks are mainly used as flooring, millwork and moldings, and agricultural tools. Red oak floors are among the most abundant hardwood species.

Both white and red oak flooring machines well, although pre-boring is advised. A hardwood such as an oak flooring is resilient and therefore less tiring to the feet than more unyielding materials. Both modern and traditional homes prefer oak wood flooring. If you want beautiful, elegant, and durable floors in your homes, malls, and offices, then use acrylic and lacquer in your oak wood flooring.

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